More than 300 companies all over the world successfully use Alarm Front Monitoring for:
  • For surveillance and monitoring different stationary objects;
  • For monitoring automobile transportation;
  • For supervising heating stations, bores, generators and other equipment;
  • For collecting and processing electric power counters data.

What our Clients say?

Our company had been selecting software for organizing the dispatching center in order to control the performance of the heating stations and TPI in our city. After testing several programs in terms of reliability, easiness of use and functional capabilities, and also having the price in mind, we decided to go with GSM Guard. The choice was justified, in 6 months we've never experienced software failures. The updates add more possibilities to using the program each time. Our company wants to thank the developers of GSM Guard and we're hoping to continue working together in the future.

Russia, Krasnodar,
Russia, Krasnodar, 'ATEK'Brovkin A. N., General power engineer

We've been working with GSM Guard for more than a year now. Thanks to this software, we can accommodate security equipment of different providers, which helps us select cheaper equipment with all necessary functions. We'd like to point out the highest quality of technical support, all fine-tuning requests are being responded to in a short time. GSM Guard is a unique product because of its functionality, flexible settings and easy maintenance.

Russia, Krasnoyarsk,
Russia, Krasnoyarsk, 'Fortuna-Zashita'Maslennikov A.P., CMO

On behalf of all technical staff of the security team of the Commercial Bank "Unibank" we wanted to thank the developers of GSM Guard! Software has become a convenient solution for creating a surveillance station using GSM technologies. We can unfold it anywhere there's is a mobile provider coverage. Thanks to the flexibility of GSM Guard, we could easily set up the surveillance station for our needs. GSM Guard made it possible to not only monitor conveniently but also to manage distant objects (telemetrics). To my mind, this software is perfectly compatible with Navtelecom products (Element-1115)

Azerbaycan, Baku, Joint–Stock Commercial Bank
Azerbaycan, Baku, Joint–Stock Commercial Bank 'Unibank'Ruslan Hajiyev, Senior Engineer of Security Systems

With the help of GSM Guard we're controlling the state of boiler rooms, heating stations, water wells. The software works very well. High reliability, convenience of use, great compatibility with the installed equipment, easiness of use, the interface that is very accessible even to the older people - all this makes GSM Guard the leader in its class. One more great benefit is powerful technical support.

Russia, Torzhok, ООО 'Termoservis'Prosvirnin А.А., General power engineer

We're using GSM Guard for organizing the surveillance station in a cottage village. The program does the job well. To cut the long story short, the program can be described as reliable, simple and convenient. The security staff easily got the hold of the program.

Russia, MoscowMakeyev V., Board of Directors of DNT.

We're using GSM Guard for a surveillance station that works through GSM channel in Lviv, Ukraine. We're very happy with it: easy to use, accessible for operators, works well with the alarm system equipment. The program is always developing, many new and interesting functions are being added.

Ukraine, Lviv,
Ukraine, Lviv, 'TANET'Petrishin R.P., Director.

We're using GSM Guard successfully for motor transport monitoring and guarding stationary objects of several large transport companies in Belarus. Our clients say the program is stable, has a nice and intuitive interface. There have never been any complaints from our clients concerning the program. We'd also like to point out the fast speed of adding new components to the program upon request.

Belarus, Minsk, PRPUE 'TESTPROMMASH'V.A. Gritsenko, Director

Thanks to the flexible settings and wide functional capabilities, GSM Guard ensures the uninterrupted functioning of a surveillance station for monitoring signals from all company facilities. Since its inception GSM Guard has been checked for its ability to integrate with different equipment of such companies as SATEL (GSM-4, Micra), Master Kit (BM8039), Ksytal, R&DS (ССU 825), etc, and also its ability to function as a surveillance station of a "second level" in order to receive generalized messages on a group of objects of whole regions. The speed of technical support must be noted, as well as the opportunity to discuss online and make the necessary changes to the program. Easy to understand interface, strict logics in settings, easiness of management, the ability to get any type of reports by events and analyze the statistics of false signals, all this makes GSM Guard unique in the line of "heavy" and expensive alternatives.

RussiaSenchukov I., Technical Security Service Staff