1. How can we buy the program?
2. What steps are required after installing Alarm Front Monitoring?
3. Which modems does the program work with?
4. We're planning to replace the computer, do we need to buy a new license?
5. Which security and surveillance systems does the program work with?
6. Why doesn't the program show the balance of the modem's SIM card?
7. What's the difference between 1 Year and Unlimited license types? Which one should I choose?
8. How many modems does the program support?
9. How does the object connection control work?
10. When sending SMS messages to the objects, they aren't recognized.
11. What is Control by the operator (Settings/General)?
12. What is the Web server for?
13. What is parameter monitoring?
14. How can we update the program? Do we need to enter the key again after updating?
15. We need to plug in a GPS-трекер through a GPRS/TCP protocol, how can we do this?
16. We need to plug in the hardware console/basic station through a COM port (RS-232/RS-485), how can we do that?
17. How can we set up GSM Guard to work with MySQL/PostgreSQL?